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Regional Varietal Coffee - Africa

Coffee began it’s journey in Africa, having first been discovered in Ethiopia. Harrar, Yrgacheffe, and Sidamo are all Ethiopian coffees from different regions with their own special characteristics.Kenya, well that speaks for itself.African coffees are most notable for their wine-like flavor and finish.All these coffees are roasted Full City.



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Ethiopian Harrar

Ethopia is the birthplace of coffee, so our Harrar is the granddaddy of all beans. Not for the timid, Ethiopian Harrar is wild, zesty and winy. 


Kenya is distinctive and bold, with an aromatic finish. 


Sidamo is one of our most unique coffees. Solid and pungent, sometimes a chocolaty note is detected. Available in Decaf.


A very complex and solid coffee. It is a carmel-like, making it the mildest of our Ethiopians.

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