Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and that you are ready for the year to come. It is incredible to think that 2022 is already here and in full swing. It is crazy! We have a lot of things to look forward to in the new year!

In the new year, one thing that many people try to do is have resolutions! I know that for me over the years, I have had mixed success with resolutions. In upper elementary school I decided not to drink soda, in middle school I vowed to exercise more and in my last year of college I vowed to make sure that I boosted my overall GPA by at least half a point. Not drinking soda is obviously easier than raising your grades a lot. As I think about it now in my adult life, I wonder if these are the goals that we should be striving for? Yes, they encourage health and hard work, but are they truly attainable? Can we make resolutions that help our world, our fellow man and not just ourselves? Could you vow to help clean up trash on the street (or beach if you live near one), meet with or call  a friend once a week just to make sure they are doing well, or join with others to exercise or hike together? These goals would not only help you, but they would help others as well.

If  you do have goals or resolutions, research shows there are many different steps that you can take to help yourself: (This is according to psychologists)

1. Clearly define your goals-- Instead of saying Exercise more, say something like exercise 3-4 days a week.

2. Track your progress-- It is always easier to change something when you can actually see and track the change that is occurring.

3. Have patience-- change does not occur all at once. Anything worth gaining is worth waiting and working for.

4. Publicize your goals to friends and family-- As hard as it may be, accountability will help keep you going and moving toward your goal. Possibly you could complete your goals with others?

5. Put it on your schedule-- We spend our time doing what we prioritize. If you put it on your schedule to put the time in, you are more likely work toward your goal.

6. Stop "all or nothing" thinking; it's better to do something than nothing-- You do not need to achieve your goal all at once. Any little bit towards your goal helps.

7. Get up when you slip up-- Don't let your mess ups stop you from working on your goals. Get up and keep going ! Resilience is key!

Kruse, Kevin. “A Psychologist's Secrets to Making New Year's Resolutions Stick.” Forbes, Accessed 3 January 2022.

For Leelanau Coffee our goal for this year is to keep bringing you the freshest, highest quality coffee we can! Take this as us sharing our goal with all of you. We plan to continue selling the freshest, highest quality beans we can even if it means that we have to wait longer for our green beans to come in or if we have to roast several batches of coffee to make sure that we are keeping the quality consistent. As those of you who have been customers and fans of us for a long time, you know that this goal is on our schedule everyday! We live, eat and breath this goal! While we are not perfect by any means, we promise you that we will do whatever it takes to get you the freshest and highest quality beans we can!

Thank you for sticking with us through everything. Keep drinking coffee and enjoying every little blessing that this new year of 2022 has to offer. Richest blessings to all of you!




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